What's New in Version 1.10?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.10 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Custom Traces.
You can now create your own custom traces. This is done by selecting File->New Custom Trace, or by right clicking on a trace and choosing Custom Trace->New Custom Trace. This displays the New Trace Dialog. Each trace must have a unique trace name. You can then create the mathematical formula that defines the trace. You can use any of the current data channels and any of the operators. The operator buttons work just like a calculator. Clicking on the buttons adds them to the trace formula. Click on a data channel to add it to the trace formula. The units for each data channel is listed next to the data channel in the table.

If you want to delete a step from your formula click the Delete Step button.

The list of available data channels can be sorted alphabetically or grouped by common purpose. Use the Sort By combobox to change between these two sort options. Each trace can have up to 4 decimal points displays in the graph's value. The default is zero. You can specify this using the Decimal Places combobox.

Each trace can be composed of up to 4 lines. You use the Total Lines combobox to specify how many lines you would like to include in your trace. The default is 1. When using multiple trace lines click in the appropriate trace formula box to edit that line's formula.

Project Cars 2.
The Z1 Analyzer is now compatible with Project Cars 2. You can now get all the benefits of the Z1 software when racing in this fantastic simulation. As with all the other sims, the Analyzer will help to improve you as a driver when using Project Cars 2. There is no better way to improve your lap times than to use the Analyzer for live telemetry or recorded laps.

Updated Lap Scan Dialog.
The lap scan display has been totally redone. A dialog is now displayed which shows far more information on what is being scanned. Each sim is displayed on a separate line. You can see the number of files available. The number of files scanned, The number of laps found, record and/or skipped. This should provide more detail on the scan process and how complete it is at any point.

The new lap scan dialog includes a Cancel button. Clicking this button will halt the scan process. If you do cancel the scan any partially scanned data will not be recorded.

Traces by Distance.
There is now an option to display the traces by distance. This is in addition to the current options of time and lap percentage. The option is available in the General tab of the settings dialog under the Graph By option. The distance option will display increments in either meters or feet depending on your distance setting. With this option two compared laps will be displayed at the same location of the track (like they are with the percentage option).

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Custom Traces:
Custom Traces

Selecting A Custom Trace:
Selecting A Custom Trace

Updated Lap Scan Dialog:
Updated Lap Scan Dialog

Traces By Distance:
Traces By Distance

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