What's New in Version 1.11?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.11 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Draggable/Resizable traces.
Traces can now be moved by left clicking on the title of the trace and dragging it to the desired location. They can also be resized by clicking and dragging their lower right corner. The layout and size of the traces will be saved when you exit the Analyzer and with any saved custom layouts.

The Lap Data window and Track Map window can also be moved and resized just like the other traces.

Clicking on a trace will automatically bring it to the front. If it overlaps any other traces they will now appear behind the clicked traced. You can turn this 'bring-to-front' behavior off by unchecking the Auto Bring To Front option in the settings dialog.

Brake Point Analysis.
There is a new analysis screen called 'Brake Points'. This will display information about each brake zone. A brake zone is defined as any time the driver of the main lap applied the brakes. The information given is the distance the driver was on the brakes, the total time they were on the brakes, the maximum braking level used during braking, the average braking level used during braking, the time it took the driver to reach the maximum braking level, the speed at the beginning of the brake zone, the speed at the end of the brake zone, and the average speed during the brake zone. If two laps are loaded this information will be displayed for both laps allowing for a comparison. In addition if two laps are loaded the difference in distance between when each driver applied the brakes will be displayed.

Timing Delta Trace.
A new trace called 'Timing Delta' is available under the Driving Inputs sub menu. This trace shows the delta in lap time between two laps. For this to have any data displayed you must have two laps loaded. The delta time is comparing the main lap to the base lap. If the delta is positive that means the main lap is behind the base lap. If the delta is negative that means the main lap is ahead of the base lap.

Downloading Track Edges
When you open a lap file the Z1 Analyzer will now check with our server to see if there is a track edge definition file for the track you are loading. This allows us to provide you with new track edge files when they become available without your having to perform an update or other installation. It also allows us to provide a smaller installer file as we no longer have to package all the track edge definition files within the installer. If you do not want the Z1 Analyzer to check for the track edge file you can turn this feature off by unchecking the checkbox called 'Download Track Edges' in the Z1 Analyzer's settings dialog.

Multiple Instances.
Commercial users can now run up to 6 instances of the Z1 Analyzer simultaneously. To launch additional instances simply launch the Analyzer again. Each instance will have its own specific settings. The custom layouts and custom traces are shared between all instances. Only the first instance can perform a lap scan. The other instances use the data from that lap scan to load laps.

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Draggable/Resizable traces:
Draggable/Resizable traces

Brake Point Analysis:
Brake Point Analysis

Timing Delta Trace:
Timing Delta Trace

Track Edges:
Track Edges

Multiple Instances:
Multiple Instances

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