What's New in Version 1.7?

With each new version of the Analyzer software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 1.7 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes click here.

Lap Sharing.
The select lap dialog now displays the number of laps available on the server for the selected track, even if they are not being displayed in the list of laps (which can happen depending on your current display options). Clicking on this line of text will display all the available laps.

You can now specify the maximum number of laps to be listed from the server for a track. This speeds up the process for listing the laps available from the server for tracks which have a large number of laps available. You will be alerted if the total number of laps available is more than the maximum number you have specified to be listed.

To see the list of current fastest laps by sim, track and car check out this page.

Improved Analysis Screens.
Several analysis screens, access through the main menus or by clicking at the bottom right corner of the track map, have been improved. On the brake lockup analysis, previously the front wheels had to be completely stopped in order to register as a lockup. This has been modified so that a wheel is now considered to be locked if it is rotating at 15 MPH less than the rear wheel on the same side of the car. This will show you where you are right on the edge of locking up as well as when you a wheel is fully locked. The value of 15 MPH can be adjusted in the general tab of the settings dialog, under Lockup Threshold.

The turn analysis screen has been improved when using the track edges to determine the turns. Previously you may have been told you were not getting close enough to the edge of the track upon exiting a turn which was followed immediately by another turn. This is not always the best advice for the optimal driving line. The Analyzer now takes the following turn into account more when providing advice on track out points.

New Commercial License Features.
Commercial license holders can now assign a password to laps when they are uploaded. This allows them to securely share their laps with other commercially licensed Z1 Analyzers that have the appropriate password. In order to see the lap in the list of available laps and download the lap that same password will be required. The password is encrypted on our server for improved security.

Commercial license holders can also specify if laps that do not have passwords associated with them should be displayed in the list of available laps. This makes the list display only the laps that match the currently entered password and excludes all non-password protected laps.

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Lap Sharing:

New Settings:

Improved Brake Analysis:

Improved Turn Analysis:

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