Z1 Dashboard - Garage Displays

When you are in the garage (ie not in the car) there are up to six different screens to help you learn about your current session. The bottom of the screen contains various buttons allowing you to switch between displays.

Statistics Screen: This screen shows your name, car type, track name and length, and session type. The screen goes on to summarize your current session, with session and stint lap times, both average and fastest. It also shows fuel consumption per lap for the session and stint; the number of laps driven in the session and stint, and your overall position.

Notes screen: This screen shows user defined text that would be useful to have on hand. Each car and track combination can have its own set of notes.
See full details in the manual.

Lap Times screen: This screen shows all of your lap times from the current session along with fastest sector information.

Standings screen: This screen shows the standings from the current session, with each driver's name, lap time, difference to fastest lap and the number of laps completed.

Settings screen: This screen allows you to set various options within the software, including units, input methods and display options.
See full details in the manual.

Telemetry screen: This screen allows you to select a pre-recorded telemetry lap file, sync the sim's replay with the display's replay, and then play back the telemetry in real time, viewing tire temperatures, ride heights, shock deflections, g-forces, speed, rpms, gear, and throttle and brake application. (For iRacing only).
See full details in the manual.

Note there is also a live telemetry dashboard available for all sims.

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Statistics Screen:

Notes Screen:

Lap Times Screen:

Standings Screen:

Settings Screen:

Telemetry Screen:

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