What's New in Version 4.11?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 4.11 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

Pit Stop Strategy
There is a new option in the Strategy tab that effects how the number of laps to go in a timed race are determined. If you are running a race with pit stops those pit stops will affect the amount of time you are actually driving on the track, and therefore the number of laps you can do. By default the Z1 doesn't know how many pit stops (if any) you are going to make. So no time is deducted from the total for these pit stops. This can results in the Z1 thinking you can do more laps than would actually be possible because of the time lost in a pit stop. This results in the Z1 telling you to add more fuel than necessary to complete the race.

The Stops In Race value tells the Z1 how many stops you plan to make in the race. The '# of stops effect timed race length' option tells the Z1 if you want the time of those stops to be deducted from the total time left in the race, thereby effecting how many laps you can do, and finally how much fuel you'll need to finish the race. The time of a pit stop is based on the Pit Stop Time value. You can set this manually or have the Z1 calculate it based on previous stops.

Simulated Races
There is a new feature call 'Simulated Race'. This is available in the Strategy tab. It allows the Z1 Dashboard to count the laps you are doing as a race. You can specify the length of the race in either laps or minutes. The race can be started when you get in the car, or when you press an assigned button. When this mode is active the software will display all lap estimates, fuel estimates, and other data as if you were running an actual race. This allows you to do practice runs without having to join an actual race.

New Improved Interface
Completely redesigned interface for the garage screens (the ones you see when not in the car). The icons at the bottom are gone. There's a new completely customizable color scheme. To navigate between screens click on the menu icon at the top right. It was time for a new look, and it allowed us to add some more features not possible with the previous design.

New Dashboards
Four new dashboard are available. A new Stockcar 2016 dashboard, a new GT3 dashboard and two track map dashboards (#7 and #8) are available. Track Map #7 incorporates a gear display and curved rev bar into the weather dash display. Track Map #8 incorporates your average lap time, and the amount of time left in the session into the track map dashboard.

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Pit Stop Strategy:

Simulated Races:

New Interface:

Track Map 7:

Track Map 8:

GT3 Dash 3:

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