What's New in Version 4.15?

With each new version of the Dashboard software it gets better and more feature rich, and version 4.15 is no exception! This list highlights some of the changes. For a full list of release notes please see the release notes page.

9 New Dashboards
We've added 9 new dashboards in this version. There are 4 new Stockcar 2016 dashboards. These are Stockcar 2016 Dash 1B, 2B, 3B and 6B. They are versions of the stock car 2016 dashboards formatted for 480x272 ratio displays. This allows users that use square displays as opposed to the wide screen displays to still be able to use these dashboards. Then there are 5 new dashboards associated with the Porsche 911 RSR. These are the Porsche 911 RSR Pit Dash, and the Porsche 911 RSR Dash 1-4.

Moving Track Maps
Track maps can now be displayed as either a static or moving track map. In previous version track maps were always displayed as top-down static images. The Track Style setting in the Track Map tab lets you choose the new 'moving' option. This new option displays the track map from your point of view. Your car is always located at the bottom center of the display and the track map revolves around this position. This option will display the pit stop loss overlays and all other competitors. Note because the track map moves around and not all parts are always visible it is likely that the pit loss displays will be off-screen and therefore not visible. The sector overlay, pit lane, and directional arrow are not displayed in this configuration in order to reduce CPU load.

New Automatic Shift Light Patterns
There are 4 new automatic shift light patterns available. These illuminate the shift lights from outside to inside. Previously all automatic patterns illuminated the shift lights from left to right.

These new patterns are called 'All CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'All CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM.

Z1 Server and Multiple IP Addresses
The Z1 Server will now allow you to cycle through multiple IP addresses if they are available on the sim PC. Note that most computers will have a single IP address, and the Server will connect to that single IP address. However on some machines there could be multiple IP addresses due to virtual systems, backup IPs, or other possible reasons. In these cases the Server will display a count next to the IP address displayed on the Server window. It will say 1 of 2 (3,4,5, etc).

By default it will always choose the first IP address to register against. However sometimes that can be incorrect. If you are finding that the Dashboard can't connect and that the Server has more than one IP address option, then on the Server click on the IP address in the display. It will change to the next IP address. Try entering this address into the Dashboard to see if it can connect.

Kart Racing Pro Updates
This latest version of the Z1 Dashboard software now supports the latest version of the Kart Racing Pro sim. Multiple updates have been implemented including speech output, improved sector timings, updated data logging, and many others. Cylinder Head Temperature and Fuel Level Percentage have been added to the KRP data logging.

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911 RSR Pit Dash:
911 RSR Pit Dash

911 RSR Dash 1:
911 RSR Dash 1

911 RSR Dash 2:
911 RSR Dash 2

Stockcar 2016 Dash 3B:
Stockcar 2016 Dash 3B

Stockcar 2016 Dash 6B:
Stockcar 2016 Dash 6B

Moving Track Maps:
Moving Track Maps

New Shift Light Patterns:
New Shift Light Patterns

Server w/Multiple IP Addresses:
Server w/Multiple IP Addresses

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