Sam Maxwell SMZ1 F1 Wheel

The SMZ1 F1 wheel is a state of the art current F1 tech inspired wheel and is made from a 1/4" thick solid piece of carbon fiber with cast in place urethane rubber hand grips. It has 10 buttons, 4 Three way momentary toggles and 6 rotary style switches. The commercial duty shifters are from Precision Design Worx and are billet aluminum with magnetic snap action. It also has dual clutch paddles allowing for controlled starts at the drop of the green. That's 33 individual inputs for controlling even the most elaborate racing cars.

If you want an F1 style wheel for your sim racing rig, then the SMZ1 F1 is the wheel for you!

The SMZ1 F1 Wheel is fully compatible with the Z1 Dashboard software. It comes with a license for the Z1 software as well as two years of updates.*

LED Features**:
  • 15 LEDs shift light across the top
  • The 15 shift lights can be programmed for any RPM
  • Top LEDs can be set to include DRS lights
  • Top LEDs can be set to flash when pit limiter is engaged or rev limiter is hit
  • 3 left and 3 right LEDs can be customized to indicate DRS Available, DRS Active, DRS On, Yellow Flag, Blue Flag, Pit Limiter, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Low Fuel

    Choose your wheel base:

    SMZ1 F1 Wheel - Front

    SMZ1 F1 Wheel - Side

    SMZ1 F1 Wheel - Back

    SMZ1 F1 Wheel - Q1R SMZ1 F1 Wheel - Q1R Open
    SMZ1 F1 Wheel - AccuForce QR SMZ1 F1 Wheel - AccuForce QR Open

    *The license is for private home use only. Please contact us for commercial or redistribution licenses. If you already own the Z1 software then you may request three years of updates instead of two.
    **Not all LED features are available for all sims.

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