Sam Maxwell SMZ1 Top Gun Wheel - Currently Not Available

The SMZ1 Top Gun - the flagship SMZ1 wheel. Adjustability, precision, ergonomics, all wrapped in a stunning package.

Featuring an adjustable bite point on its left clutch paddle for precision launches, easy to reach premium commercial grade buttons, thumb dials, and rear facing toggle switches this is the one you want. You're driving fast on track - make sure you've got the best wheel.
  • Adjustable left clutch paddle bite point
  • 2 rear mounted toggle switches
  • 13 front mounted buttons
  • 2 thumb dials
  • 2 rotary dials
  • Dual clutch paddles
  • Two shift paddles
  • 4.3" touch panel display
  • 15 shift/DRS lights
  • 6 secondary warning lights

The SMZ1 Top Gun's beautiful carbon fiber finish features makes it not only an incredible wheel but also a work of art. And with just one USB cable it won't clutter up your sim rig.

Integration with the Z1 Dashboard software is seamless, giving you access to over 100 various dashboards and multiple features to help you win your races.

LED Features**:
  • 15 LEDs shift light across the top
  • The 15 shift lights can be programmed for any RPM
  • Top LEDs can be set to include DRS lights
  • Top LEDs can be set to flash when pit limiter is engaged or rev limiter is hit
  • 3 left and 3 right LEDs can be customized to indicate:
    • DRS Available
    • DRS Active
    • DRS On
    • Yellow Flag
    • Blue Flag
    • Pit Limiter
    • Water Temp
    • Oil Pressure
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Low Fuel
    • Brake Lock Levels 1-3

(*This wheel is currently back ordered.)

SMZ1 Top Gun Wheel - Side View

SMZ1 Top Gun Wheel - Front

SMZ1 Top Gun Wheel - Back

SMZ1 Top Gun Wheel - Side View

(*This wheel is currently back ordered.)

*The license is for private home use only. Please contact us for commercial or redistribution licenses.
**Not all LED features are available for all sims.

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